Edward G. Davis

Edward's death certificate confirms his birth and death dates and shows his name as "Edward Davis."  The death certificate of his son Cyrus shows his father's name as "Edward G. Davis."  The first documentation to place him in Utah is the Utah Territorial Militia Records, dated 14 May 1864, Beaver, Utah.  This was prior to the arrival of that season's emigration to Utah, so he would have arrived by 1863.  Further research is needed to determine the year of his arrival in Utah and the name of the pioneer company with which he traveled.

He may be the same person as Edward Davis, who was an out-and-back teamster in 1866 with the Daniel Thompson company.

The 1900 Utah census shows his arrival in America in 1839, but the 1910 Utah census gives his arrival date as 1853.  We have not been able to confirm either date.

The 1850 Rhode Island census, which was taken on 29 July 1850, shows him with the surname of his stepfather--"Law."

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