Eliza Lacey

Wife of William Bird.  Evidence from contemporary records proves that the Bird family traveled to Utah in 1851.  They sailed to America in 1851 on the ship Ellen Maria and William's name appears in the records of the Utah Territorial Militia at Springville on 5 June 1852, before the arrival of this year's overland wagon trains.  He and Eliza were still in Springville at the time of the 1856 Utah Territorial census.

A secondary source says that the Birds crossed the plains with the James W. Cummings Pioneer Company of 1851 but this must be confirmed by a Primary Source.  Further research is needed to verify the name of the company with which they traveled.

 A child, Eliza Bird, age 9, is listed on the ship manifest with William and Eliza.  She is Eliza Lacey, Eliza Bird's niece.

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