Elizabeth Aharns

Alternate Names
Elizabeth Eharens (Birth Name)
Elizabeth Arens (Birth Name)
Elizabeth Garn (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1820 October 9 (Born)
Death Date
Unknown (Died)

Elizabeth married Daniel Garn in Salt Lake City on 11 January 1855 and they were divorced on 26 June 1860.  She sailed to America in 1853 on the ship Rufus K. Page, arriving in New Orleans on 28 October 1853.   With the ship's arrival so late in 1853, and her marriage taking place in Janauary 1855, we know that she would have arrived in Utah in 1854.  Further research is needed to determine her full identity and the name of the pioneer company with which she traveled to Utah.

FamilySearch shows her name as "Eliza Eharens," and the divorce record show her as "Elizabeth Aharns."   The ship manifest shows her name as "Elizabeth Arens," and that she was from Germany


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