Elizabeth Maholm (1818 - 1891) Profile

Elizabeth Maholm

Elizabeth initially traveled to the Salt Lake Valley in the Abraham O. Smoot/George B. Wallace Company in 1847.  Her husband, Conrad Kleinman, traveled with the Brigham Young Pioneer Company previous to her travels.  After his arrival in the valley, he traveled back east to meet his wife.  They were reunited along the trail.

Their surname is spelled "Klineman" in the 1850 Utah census.

Her birth and death dates are confirmed by her obituary.  Her travel to Utah is mentioned in her obituary and that of her husband.

She was rebaptized in Salt Lake City on 10 February 1849 while living in the Salt Lake City 10th Ward.

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Elizabeth Maholm (1818 - 1891) Profile
Elizabeth Maholm (1818 - 1891) Profile