Ellen Mary Carter (1835 - 1915) Profile

Ellen Mary Carter

William and Ellen Bone emigrated from England in 1857. They were going to travel with Ellen's mother and siblings in 1856. They appear on the Thornton passenger list, however, Ellen was pregnant with their first child, and they did not cross the ocean at that time. In 1857, they sailed on the George Washington, and arrived in New York on 20 April. After they arrived, they went to stay with Ellen's family. They were there for four years in order to save up enough money to head to Utah. While they were in New York they had two more children, Rhoda Jane, and William James. Circumstantial evidence from census, genealogical, and newspaper records proves the Bone family traveled to Utah in 1861. According to Ellen's brother James' obituary, they traveled to Utah with the Andrus Company of 1861.

Her given name is "Helen" on the 1857 ship manifest and "Eun" on the 1870 Utah census.

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Ellen Mary Carter (1835 - 1915) Profile
Ellen Mary Carter (1835 - 1915) Profile