Emer Harris

Birth Date
1781 May 29
Death Date
1869 November 28
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baptized by Hyrum Smith and Newel Knight Ordained Elder by Jun 1831 Ordained High Priest by Oliver Cowdery 25 Oct 1831 Moved many times with other saints and settled in Nauvoo in 1839.

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Born in Cambridge, Albany, New York

1781 May 29

Baptized by Hyrum Smith and Newel Knight

1831 February 10 (Age 49)

Served in Eastern States Mission

1832–1833 (Age 50) See Missionaries
Mission Type
Marital Status
Priesthood Office
Additional Notes

pdf-031: Emer Harris was called by revelation (Doc. * Cov. Sec. 75) to unite in the ministry with Simon Carter. Mission Pennsylvania included New York. Alt source: 1831:42.

Be United in Ministry- Simeon Carter & Emer Harris

1832 January 25 (Age 50)

D&C 75:30 at Amherst, Ohio

Death in Logan, Cache, Untah Territory, United States

1869 November 28 (Age 88)

Served in Southern States Mission

No dates given. See Missionaries
Mission Type
Priesthood Office
Additional Notes

pdf-0013; went with other Elders "for the purpose of setting things in order generally. He may have been High Priest - as he was ordained H.P. in fall 1831 alternate sources: Jour. Hist. of Oct. 11, 25. also Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah p 919. H.P. Rec.

Emer Harris (1781 - 1869) Profile