Emma Hale

Alternate Names
Emma Smith (Married Name)
Birth Date
1804 July 10
Death Date
1879 April 30

Wife of the prophet Joseph Smith who assisted him as his scribe during the translation of Book of Mormon.  Editor of a collection of sacred hymns for the Church of Jesus Christ that was published in 1835.  Served as the first President of the Relief Society Organization for women in the Church.

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Born in Willingsborough, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States

1804 July 10
Elizabeth Lewis
Isaac Hale

Married Joseph Smith Jr.

1827 January 18 (Age 22)

An Elect Lady Called

1830 July (Age 25)

D&C 25:1-16 given at Harmony, Pennsyvania.  

The Lord's Counsel to Emma Smith Regarding Marriage

1831 January–1843 July (Age 26)

D&C 135:51-56 given at Nauvoo, Illinois.

Death in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, United States

1879 April 30 (Age 74)