Geneva Ellen Molen

Birth Date
On 1845 April 16 (Born)
Death Date
On 1926 November 2 (Died)

In the 1850 Utah census she is listed as "Minerva" Molen.  In the Book of the Piopneers she is "Genevra" E. Molen.  In the 1880 Utah census she is "Genevra Ross" and in the 1900 she is "Genivra Ross."  Her Utah death certificate originally read "Genevea" but this was scratched out and "Genevra" written above.  In Utah Cemeteries and Burials Database she is "Generva" E. Molen Ross.

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Geneva Ellen Molen (1845 - 1926) Profile
Geneva Ellen Molen (1845 - 1926) Profile