George Edward Anderson

Birth Date
On 1860 October 28 (Born)
Death Date
On 1928 May 9 (Died)

He married Olive Lowry in May 1888.

The mission register has a note stating, “For numerous reasons Elder Anderson did not leave home for the field until April 20th 1907.” The Millennial Star then reports that “Elder Anderson spent one year at the birth-place of the Prophet Joseph Smith and other historical spots before filling a mission of two years in England” (vol. 72, page 205). Thus he did not arrive in the British Mission until 27 April 1908.

He was then released in a meeting of the London Conference on 27 March 1910, but apparently continued on as a missionary since he was once more released in August 1911.

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George Edward Anderson (1860 - 1928) Profile
George Edward Anderson (1860 - 1928) Profile