George Taylor Davis

George was rebaptized 6 July 1851 while a member of the Salt Lake City 10th Ward.  His birth date is confirmed by the two rebaptism records listed with his Sources.  The Tenth Ward, Record of Members show his name as "George Taylor Davis," and the Salt Lake Record of Members has him listed as "George Tayler Davies."  No other records have been found concerning him.  His rebaptism took place prior to the arrival of the 1851 pioneer companies, so he arrived in Utah by 1850.  He would have been about 14 years old.

He may be George Taylor Davis on FamilySearch, KFQK-5KX, who was an orphan.   Caleb Hersey Davis, the brother of this particular George Taylor Davis, was an orphan, who traveled to Utah in 1850 with Joseph Mecham in the 1850 Hawkins Company.   

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