George Wardle (1820 - 1901) Profile

George Wardle

George and Frances sailed to America in 1862 on the ship Hope.  

George initially traveled with the 1847 Brigham Young Company and was part of the 1st Company of Ten led by Wilford Woodruff. George was re-baptized in the the Salt Lake Valley on 8 August 1847 but immediately returned to Winter Quarters to get his wife. They traveled together in the Willard Richards Company in 1848. His wife's obituary mentions his travel to Utah in 1847 and 1848.

George's date of birth was listed as 3 February 1820 in "John Brown's company of 10, report, 1848 June."

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George Wardle (1820 - 1901) Profile
George Wardle (1820 - 1901) Profile