Gertha Maria Bojesen

The Andersen family arrived in New York on 16 July 1866 via the ship Kenilworth. As head of household, only Jens Peter's name is listed on the overland company roster. However, the record shows that he purchased five and a half adult food rations for that portion of the journey, which indicates that the family members who were with him on the ship, continued with him across the plains in the Scott company.

Not all the traveling party is shown in "Mormon Migration", but the actual passenger list shows all the people who would have necessitated a purchase of 5 1/2 food rations. In addition to his wife and children, there was another husband and wife, ages 29 and 18 respectively, who were also traveling with them. Their names are simply listed as "L. J." and "Anne." Further research is needed to properly identify them and add them to the Scott Company as well.

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