Graham Coltrin (1796 - 1851) Profile

Graham Coltrin

High Priests record, Quorum organized at Nauvoo, 1840, LDS Archive, High Priests Minutes, Nauvoo 5th Ward, pg. 149, reference in Early Nauvoo and Salt Lake City record applies to birth date and place parents and ordinations Ordained Elder 8 Oct 1839 by Reynolds Cahoon in Nauvoo. High Priest and counselor to Bishop Higbee: 25 Mar 1841 Place of birth may then have been in Hampshire County, MA - various spellings, Colerain, Coldrain

The Coltrin family came to Utah in either 1849 or 1850. The first documentation to place them in Utah is the 1850 census. A secondary source states that he came to Utah in 1850 with the Aaron Johnson pioneer company.  However, further research is needed confirm their year of travel the the name of the pioneer company with which he traveled.

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Graham Coltrin (1796 - 1851) Profile
Graham Coltrin (1796 - 1851) Profile