Hans Peter Iversen

Alternate Names
Birth Date
1835 September 24
Death Date
1921 December 12

Born in Vest Birk, Denmark

1835 September 24
Annie C Martinsen
Jeppe Iversen

Baptized by P Olsen

1854 April 1 (Age 18)

Served in Scandinavian Mission

1854–1859 (Age 19) See Missionaries
Mission Type
Priesthood Office
Additional Notes

I was baptized the 1st day of April, 1854, and the following November I was ordained a Teacher and with a partner sent out to perform missionary labor as Christ did send His disciples formerly. So were we without purse or script. We met a variety of people, held many meetings, and helped a few into the folds of Christ by baptism. In March, 1857, we got arrested at Skjernbra, and held, there in prison for nine months. Finally, we did appeal to the Danish government and then got immediately released. In 1859, we were again imprisoned, but just for five days. The food we got was just. dark bread and water. While in prison we did study the English language. In the spring of 1859 I was released from missionary labor that I might emigrate to Zion.

Served in Scandinavian Mission

1875–1877 (Age 39) See Missionaries
Marital Status
Priesthood Office
Residence When Called
Washington, Washington, Utah Territory, United States
Set Apart By
O Pratt
Additional Notes

In the fall of 1874, while in the field at work or in bed at night I felt prompted that I again should go to missionary labor. By letter I did inform President Brigham Young of my feeling and then I was at ease. On the 25th day of March, 1875 by Bishop T. J. John from President Brigham Young I got a telegram that I was selected to start on a Mission to Skandinavia soon after April Conference.

I was soon at my labor and did help scores into the Fold of Christ by baptism. Did bless many little children, did marry three couples, held many meetings and had sweet joy in my labor. But sorrow I also felt. A letter from my wife at home told me that three of our children had passed away by a sickness that prevailed among children. Yet I did hold it patiently, as God giveth and taketh at His own good will. In the spring of 1877 I was released to return home.


1921 December 12 (Age 86)
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