Harriet was an African American woman enslaved by William Lay. Her age was listed as 21 in "John Brown's company of 10, report, 1848 June." 

There is a possibility that this Harriet was the same Harriet who married Grief Embers, another enslaved African American owned by William Crosby. The book The Story of the Negro Pioneer by Kate Carter states that Grief married a woman named Harriet who was also enslave by William Crosby. However, William Crosby did not own a slave named Harriet according to the 1850 slave schedule and the company roster (John Brown's company of 10, report). Interestingly enough, William H. Lay, (who owned Harriet) was William Crosby's brother-in-law. At this time, it is believed that Harriet and Grief's wife are the same person. 

Harriet was listed with her husband Grief under the surname Ambrose in the 1870 census.

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