Harrison Lorenzo Boothe (1847 - 1930) Profile

Harrison Lorenzo Boothe

His birth and death dates are confirmed by his death certificate.Some family members spelled their surname "Booth," but his gravestone and his death certificate shows it as "Boothe."

In some sources his middle name is "Loray" but it is Lorenzo on his death certificate.

His mother was a widow and traveled with her 4 children to the Salt Lake Valley. A spouse, Harrison Oliver b. 24 Mar 1815 d. 25 Dec 1845 in Nauvoo, IL - is also known as Warren Harrison Wetherby. A second spouse, Lorenzo Dow Booth b. 13 Oct 1807 d. 2 Jan 1849. Jane divorced Evans O'Banion taking their only child with her to Utah.

Mosiah Booth also traveled with this company and he is Lorenzo's stepbrother.

Name spellings vary from Booth to Boothe and Weatherby, Wetherby, and Weatherbee. 

Birth date and death date listed was found in a personal online family history record (such as Family Tree, Ancestry, or My Heritage) without any accompanying documentation. Further research is needed to verify its accuracy.


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Harrison Lorenzo Boothe (1847 - 1930) Profile
Harrison Lorenzo Boothe (1847 - 1930) Profile