Heber Brigham Lewis

Birth Date
On 1856 July 4 (Born)
Death Date
On 1918 January 12 (Died)

The Lewis family traveled with the Willie company through Iowa, but due to poor health, they halted in Florence.

FamilySearch lists his name as "John W. Blake," son of Joseph and Eliza Freeman.  The following note accompanies his entry:  "Heber Brigham Lewis was born 4 July 1856 at Iowa City, Iowa to Joseph Lewis, Sr. and Eliza Freeman. Joseph Lewis and his family were on their way to Utah with the Mormon Pioneers when Heber Brigham was born. His mother, Eliza, died shortly after Heber was born and Joseph found it necessary to give his children to various families in the area. Heber Brigham was given to John Blake and his wife Esther, who later adopted him and changed his name to John W. Blake. John W. Blake was known by this name through out his life."

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