Helena Ellenora Gerber (1847 - 1924) Profile

Helena Ellenora Gerber

Alternate Names
Helena Ellenora Gerber (Birth Name)
Birth Date
On 1847 September 26 (Born)
Death Date
On 1924 September 26 (Died)

Daughter of John Gerber and Anna Maria Ackeret Gerber.  In the 1850 U. S. census the John Gerber family was in Knoxville, Tennessee.  They traveled to the Salt Lake Valley in 1854.  The pioneer company with which they crossed the plains is named in the Perpetual Emigrating Fund records.  The family consisted of grandfather Johannes Gerber and his son John Gerber, as well as John’s family: Anna Maria Ackeret Gerber, John's fourth wife (his is first three wives had died) and the following children from his previous marriages, Maria Susanna Wilhemina Gerber, Lewis Emanuel, and John Theophilus.  It also included his current wife, Anna Maria Ackeret, and their children Helena Ellenora, and Julia Ann.

In the 1856 Utah census Helena is Elenor Gerber of Ceder City, Utah: in 1860 she is "Eleanora Garber" of Provo.  She married Joseph Jacob.

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Helena Ellenora Gerber (1847 - 1924) Profile
Helena Ellenora Gerber (1847 - 1924) Profile