Helene Dahl

Helene emigrated to the United States with her husband, Nils Dahl, and brother-in-law, Alexander Dahl. They sailed on the James Nesmith. She is listed on the ship manifest under the name "Helena Mathisdatter."

It was previously believed that Helene and her husband Nils emigrated to Utah in 1855. However, deeper research has revealed that they did not travel with Alexander that year. They may have intended to do so, but the Jens C. Nielsen journal confirms that Helene and Nils both stayed behind in Mormon Grove that year. Nils died 16 October 1855. 

Helene reached Utah prior to January 1858 because that is when she was married to Niels Larsen. Her marriage to Lars was later dissolved and she then married Samuel Butler. 

She likely traveled to Utah in 1856. More research is needed to confirm with which company she traveled. 

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