Henry Rollins (1790 - 1865) Profile

Henry Rollins

Henry traveled on the Ship Brooklyn to California in 1846. According to a secondary source he arrived in Utah in 1848. It is clear that he was in Utah by 1849 because he is mentioned at least twice in an account of a wagon company of emigrants traveling from Utah to California. Records of a Church ordinance proves that Henry was back in Salt Lake City in early July 1850. Further research is needed to verify the year he came to Utah and the name of the company with which he traveled .

His wife, Ann, and son, Steuben, traveled to the Valley as well, presumably taking the overland route across the prairie.

His birth month and year are confirmed by Centerville Ward records at the time of a rebaptism on 29 September 1856.

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Henry Rollins (1790 - 1865) Profile
Henry Rollins (1790 - 1865) Profile