Isabella Arvin Spens

Birth Date
On 1862 April 4 (Born)
Death Date
On 1910 October 4 (Died)

Daughter of Nathaniel and Jane Spens. They emigrated from England together. The Spens family arrived to New York on 23 June 1864 by way of the ship General McClellan. They then continued their westward journey as part of the 1864 Rawlins Company. Her married surname, as recorded in both census records and on death records, was "Lloyd."

FamilySearch shows her birth date as 10 May 1862, but the inscription on her gravestone shows it as 4 April 1862.

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Isabella Arvin Spens (1862 - 1910) Profile
Isabella Arvin Spens (1862 - 1910) Profile