Israel Calkins Jr. (1801 - 1864) Profile

Israel Calkins, Jr.

The Calkin family (Israel, wife Lavina, and children Helen, Horatio, Indamora, Israel Jr. and Clarissa Caroline)  would have traveled to Utah sometime between 1851 and 1852. They are in Iowa with his wife Lavina and children at the time of the birth of daughter Caroline Clarissa in 1851. (Caroline's year and place of birth confirmed in the 1900 Idaho census). First documentation to place them in the Valley is the 1852 Bishops' census. He is also documented in the Valley at the time of his rebaptism on 14 December 1855 in the Payson Ward. Further research is needed to narrow the year of the travel and identify the name of the company they traveled with.

His birth and death dates are confirmed by the inscription on his gravestone.

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Israel Calkins Jr. (1801 - 1864) Profile
Israel Calkins Jr. (1801 - 1864) Profile