James Albion

James arrived in Utah sometime between 1847 and 1851. On 22 Jan. 1852 he signed the following pledge in the Salt Lake 6th ward:“This is to certify that we the undersigned do hereby sign our names and pledge ourselves to Receive the Deseret Paper Currency as proposed by President Young at its Full Value according to the Amount specified on the face thereof and to sustain such measures as may be adopted by Himself and Council on the Deseret Banking System. . . ." In 1858 James contributed five days of labor “on the Canal above Lorenzo Youngs. (ibid., 68) In 1860 he contributed “6 sticks” of wood for the “School and Meeting” in addition to wheat valued at $1.43 “for Emigration from the States” and wheat flour valued at $2.00 “for the Missionaries.” (ibid., 44, 71, 79) In 1868 he attended a meeting held in the 5th/6th ward “for to assist in Emigration of the Saints from the Railroad.” (ibid., 268) On the 1870 federal census James is 65 years old, his wife is Elizabeth age 60 and he is listed as a laborer [b. ca. 1805].
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