James Henry Brooks

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James Henry Brooks first reached Utah sometime between the late 1840s and early 1850s. He is listed in the Appendices for Mormon Gold: The Story of California's Mormon Argonauts by J. Kenneth Davies. He may have come to Utah prior to going to California. More research is needed to confirm this possibility. 

According to the Historian’s office, James returned from a mission to South Africa and arrived in Salt Lake City on July 9, 1858.  He left for his mission from Salt Lake City on 23 April 1857 with a company of missionaries traveling to various parts of the world.  James, with those traveling across the Atlantic left New York sailing on the ship “Dreadnought” on 11 July 1857.  They arrived in Liverpool, 26 days later.  Finally in January 1858, James arrived at the Cape of Good Hope.  He traveled about 600 miles into the interior with Ebenezer Richardson, and baptized about 60 people.  He started his return to Salt Lake in February.  More research is needed to determine the exact company he traveled home with.   

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