Jane Mathewson (1855 - 1907) Profile

Jane Mathewson

Jane traveled with her mother, Barbara Mathewson, and her brother, George, arriving in the United States in 1863. Due to lack of funds, Jane was sent on ahead to the Valley that year. Her mother and brother remained in New York until the following year, when they traveled with the Rawlins Company. The family is seen together again in the Payson Ward records at the time of a rebaptism for the children on 6 May 1865. They are listed under the name of their new step-father, Charles Long. Her birth date is confirmed at the time of this rebaptism.

Jane is seen in the PEF record on the account for an Elizabeth Taylor. It is uncertain what Taylor's relationship was with the Mathewson family. Perhaps she is the person Jane traveled with. Further research is needed to identify the name of the company Jane traveled with.

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Jane Mathewson (1855 - 1907) Profile
Jane Mathewson (1855 - 1907) Profile