Jane Shaw

The Shaw family arrived in New York on 6 July 1866 via the ship Arkwright.  The ship manifest shows the Shaw family traveling with Alexander, Moroni, and Sophia Duncan, but we do not see a family relationship between them.  The Duncan family is also in this pioneer company.

Although only Jane is listed on the overland company records, as head of household, the notation that she purchased 2 1/2 adult food rations indicates that the rest of the family was with her for this part of the journey as well.

The inscription on her gravestone shows her death date as 17 January 1879, but it appears to be a newer marker, so we are using the death date as given in her obituary.  This also confirms her travel to Utah in 1866.  

In the 1870 Utah census, she is living with her daughter "Annie" and Charles Moir.

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