Jens Christian Sorrenson

Evidence that Jens came in 1856 is confirmed by information found in 1857 Church financial records. He came on the ship, John J. Boyd (12 December 1855-15 February 1856).  He came with his wife, Maren age 37, Jens Peter, age 5, Soren, age 4, Johanne Marie age3, who died at sea.  Also listed are Christen Jensen age 10, Jacob Jensen age 8 (sons of Maren from her previous marriage to Jens Andersen, deceased) and Jens Christian Jensen age 18 and Mette Marie Olsen age 24. Information about the deaths of some of these individuals can not be located.  Jacob Jensen changed his surname to Johnson and became a prominent lawyer in Sanpete County, Utah; he died 15 August 1925.

Jens Christian Sorrenson affiliated with the Morrisites in Utah.

In the Mount Pleasant Historical Association, Genealogy and family pioneer history, his last name is listed as "Anderson".

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