Jens Jensen Jr. (1841 - 1905) Profile

Jens Jensen, Jr.

According to Jens Christian Andersen Weibye’s reminiscences the Jensen family traveled to the Salt Lake Valley with the Christian A. Madsen Company in 1862.  The Jensen family included Jens and his wife Maren Andersen and their four children Jens, Ane, Anders, and Ane Marie.  The name “Loth” was commonly placed after the Jensen’s surname to distinguish themselves from others with the same name; however, it was not a part of their official surname. He did not use this name in Utah.

He was the Chief Herder of Oxen in the company.

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Jens Jensen Jr. (1841 - 1905) Profile
Jens Jensen Jr. (1841 - 1905) Profile