John Anderson

Birth Date
On 1817 October 2 (Born)
Death Date
On 1902 July 14 (Died)

He initially traveled to the Valley in 1864. Further research is needed to identify the company he traveled with. Records indicate that a John Anderson also traveled with the 1866 Chipman out-and-back company as a teamster. It has been determined that it was this same John Anderson because the Chipman records indicate that the teamster had been assigned from the Tooele Ward, which is where this particular John Anderson had settled at the time.

At the time of his re-baptism (19 August 1875), John's date of birth was listed as 2 October 1817 in the Grantsville Ward records. However,  other sources including John's headstone and the 1900 Census list other dates including: 22 September 1817, and November 1817. More research is needed to confirm his date of birth.

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John Anderson (1817 - 1902) Profile
John Anderson (1817 - 1902) Profile