John Beagley (1844 - 1913) Profile

John Beagley

John Beagley emigrated from England in 1864. His surname appears as "Beazley" on the passenger list. He sailed on the Hudson, and arrived in New York on 19 July 1864. It is likely that he continued on to Utah at this point, however, the first documentation to place him in Utah is in the Daniel D.McArthur, memorandum book (which places him coming from Nephi, UT), and a church ordinance performed later in December 1868. 

While working as a teamster in the Daniel D. McArthur (1868) Company, John met his wife Dorothy Howarth.  They married after the company's arrival in the Salt Lake Valley in 1868.

Further research is needed to determine the name of the company he traveled with. His death date is confirmed by his death certificate.

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John Beagley (1844 - 1913) Profile
John Beagley (1844 - 1913) Profile