John Binns (1806 - 1884) Profile

John Binns

Birth Date
On 1806 May 31 (Born)
Death Date
On 1884 February 15 (Died)

The Binns family came to Utah between 1852 and 1854. John was in Missouri when he married Jane Snalem on 21 March 1852, but the first documentation of them in Utah is rebaptisms performed for John and several of his family members in the Salt Lake 19th Ward on 15 April 1855, which was prior to that year's emigration season. Further research is needed to narrow the year of their travel and identify the name of the company they traveled with.

His death date is confirmed by the inscription on his gravestone.

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John Binns (1806 - 1884) Profile
John Binns (1806 - 1884) Profile