John Calvin Gould

John Calvin Gould was a member of the Amasa Lyman Company that traveled from California to Salt Lake City in 1850 arriving on 29 September; but Gould had not survived the journey. (see Journal History 29 September 1850, p. 1).

  Joseph Cain, another member of the Lyman Company, furnished the information about Gould's death saying that it happened between the Carson River and “the sink of the Mary's River."  Carson River is in western Nevada and "the sink of the Mary's River" is an early name for Humbolt Sink, which is some 50 miles northeast of modern Reno.

 Cain says that the Lyman company set out from Mormon Tavern in California on August 17, 1850 and that for the first fifteen days passed numerous California-bound immigrant parties; but beyond this his account is unclear as to chronology so the death information we give here is that Gould died either late in August or early September 1850.

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