John Grant Luce

Alternate Names
John Grant Luce (Birth Name)
Franklin G. Losee (Alternate Name)
Birth Date
On 1817 September 30 (Born)
Death Date
On 1881 March 28 (Died)

For many years this man has been mis-identified as Franklin G. Losee. The mistake seems to have started with William Clayton when he first recorded the members of the company in his journal. However research in other journals (e.g., Thomas Bullock), rebaptisms in Salt Lake, and U.S. census records proves that the man who for years was thought to be Franklin G. Losee, was in fact, John G. Luce. A month after arriving in Utah, he went back to Winter Quarters with the returning pioneers. It appears that he never returned to Utah as he and his family were in Maine in 1850, in Illinois in 1870. This is where he died.

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