John Joseph Harris

John, his wife Mary Ann and their son Thomas Henry crossed the Atlantic on the ship Golconda in 1853.  They were from Norwich, Norfolk, England (see ship manifest and the 1851 England and Wales census).  With them was Martha Harris (age 32), also from Norfolk; she appears to be John's younger sister because, according to Family Tree, John was the son of George Harris and his wife Susannah Bishop.  In the 1851 England and Wales census is a Martha Harris (age 30) who is a daughter of George Harris.  Also in George's household is an Elizabeth Bishop, a sister-in-law.  John was re-baptized at Salt Lake City (no date.)  He paid tithing in the Salt Lake City Third ward in 1856.  At the time of the 1860 federal census John and his family were living in Centerville.

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