John Larsen (1823 - 1895) Profile

John Larsen

Birth Date
On 1823 December 18 (Born)
Death Date
On 1895 May 13 (Died)

Evidence from emigration records and the birth of a child in Wyoming in September 1856 proves the Larsen family traveled to Utah in 1856. The parish register lists his birth as Johan Laursen.  He came with his brothers, Christian and Lars. He also came with his wife, Ane Katrine Jorgensen and children Christina Margrete, Sarah and John. A son Joseph was born on the trail.

John's obituary describes the family's travel in the Hodgetts Company, including the birth and death of their son Joseph.  

The family sailed to America in 1856 on the ship Thornton.

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John Larsen (1823 - 1895) Profile
John Larsen (1823 - 1895) Profile