John Orson Angus

He drove a team for Brigham Young.  In April of 1850 he was called to serve a mission in England. He remained there for several years, returning with Elizabeth Patrick Angus, a new wife, on the ship Old England, arriving in New Orleans on 26 April 1854.

A letter from George A. Smith, printed in the Journal History stated: "Captain James Brown's, Job Smith's, and Dr. Richardson's emigrating trains have arrived. Elder John O. Angus has arrived in safety, and our people are now coming in every day." This letter would indicate that John and his wife Elizabeth would have traveled in one of these companies. Further research is needed to identify which.

Millcreek Ward records place him again in Utah for a rebaptism performed on 2 November 1856.

Death date is confirmed by his obituary.

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