Joseph Alexander Rees

Birth Date
On 1840 August 14 (Born)
Death Date
On 1922 March 21 (Died)

Came on the ship, Chimborazo in 1855.

This was Joseph’s second trip to Utah from Wales. He originally came with his family members in the Charles A. Harper Company (1855), but when his father became dissatisfied a couple years later, the whole family, except for brother David, returned to Wales. Joseph's mother left Wales again to return to Salt Lake in 1860 and Joseph followed her alone the next year, traveling on the ship Manchester across the ocean. Further research is need to identify the name of the overland company he traveled with the second time. Ordinances are performed in the 15th Ward on 9 April 1855 and 5 May 1862.

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Joseph Alexander Rees (1840 - 1922) Profile
Joseph Alexander Rees (1840 - 1922) Profile