Joseph Banks (1821 - 1905) Profile

Joseph Banks

Birth Date
On 1821 July 3 (Born)
Death Date
On 1905 July 14 (Died)

Joseph sailed from Australia toward San Francisco in 1855 with his wife, a daughter and a son.  A second son was born en route.  Another son was born in California in 1857 and a daughter was born at Parowan, Utah in September 1859.  Joseph appears in the records of the Utah Territorial Militia at Adamsville, Beaver County, Utah in 1864.  In 1870 he was living a Minersville, Beaver County, Utah.  The 1900 Utah census confirms that he immigrated in 1855.  He is buried at Minersville. 

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Joseph Banks (1821 - 1905) Profile
Joseph Banks (1821 - 1905) Profile