Joseph Henry Dewitt

Joseph Henry DeWitt is not explicitly listed in the 1852 Outhouse Company. However, it is extremely likely that he and his mother were amongst the 10 adults and 5 children that company records say made up the traveling party of his mother's uncle, Martin Potter. This conclusion was reached based on the following information: Joseph's mother, Delight, was living in the Martin Potter household in Iowa at the time of the 1850 federal census. Martin Potter is documented in the 1852 Outhouse Company with 14 other individuals who are not named. Delight is documented in the Valley by April 1853, at the time of her marriage to William Mangum. Joseph would have only been a few weeks old at the time of the company's departure so it is assumed she took him with her. It is uncertain if Joseph's father, Henry DeWitt, made the trip with them. 

In some records, later in life, he took on his step-father's surname of Mangum.

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