Joseph Morris (1822 - 1862) Profile

Joseph Morris

Birth Date
On 1822 December 15 (Born)
Death Date
On 1862 June 15 (Died)

Joseph's wife and child, Mary Thorpe Morris and Anna Eliza Morris, traveled with the Moses Clawson company in 1853, but Joseph's name does not appear on the company roster along with theirs. His brother's reminiscence indicates that "he drove a team for some one across the plains" in order to pay his passage. Though it is possible he was in the same company as his family, in spite of the absence of his name on the roster, it is also entirely likely that he drove team in one of the other 1853 companies that traveled closely with the Clawson company. Further research is needed to definitively identify the company he was part of in 1853.

Later, he also participated as one of the rescuers that were sent out in the winter of 1856 to assist the members of the Church stranded in Wyoming.

Death date is verified also by his brother George's reminiscenses.

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Joseph Morris (1822 - 1862) Profile
Joseph Morris (1822 - 1862) Profile