Josephine Elizabeth Roueche

Alternate Names
Josephine Elizabeth Rouche (Alternate Name)
Josephine Elizabeth Taylor (Married Name)
Josephine Elizabeth Palmer (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1860 March 3 (Born)
Death Date
On 1943 November 27 (Died)

Josephine Elizabeth Roueche was born on 3 March 1860 in Kaysville, Davis, Utah, United States, the daughter of Thomas Francis Roueche and his wife, Margaret Comish. Margaret was the third child out of seven.  Her father, Thomas Francis Roueche, found work in a restaurant in St. Louis and worked there most of the time until he migrated to Utah in 1855. While he was working in the restaurant, he met Margaret Comish who, with her family, had been converted to the L.D.S. religion by Elder John Tayior. Elder John Taylor had visited the isle of Man while he was on his mission to England and had converted a large number of people there, many of whom were migrating to Utah. The Comish family were in the process of migrating from the Isle of Man but had stopped in St. Louis to earn enough money to continue their journey. Thomas married Margaret in 1854. In May 1855 they left St. Louis and arrived in Salt Lake City, in September 1855 but settled in Kaysville, Utah.

In November 1886 Church Presidents John Taylor and George Q. Cannon, who were then in exile, made their home with the Thomas Francis Roueche famiiy. On the 19 December 1886, Josephine Elizabeth Roueche was sealed to John Taylor for eternity. John Taylor and George Q. Cannon had intended to stay only a few weeks, but as the anti-polygamy raid continued, they remained there for nearly nine months, until the death of President John Taylor, who died at the Roueche home, July 25, 1887.

Josephine would marry George Washington Palmer, Sr. on 11 July 1921 but she was a widow again after seven years. She lived in Salt Lake City Ward 2, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States in 1920. She died on 27 November 1943, at the age of 83.



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Josephine Elizabeth Roueche (1860 - 1943)
Josephine Elizabeth Roueche (1860 - 1943)