Karen Caroline Hansen (1849 - 1934) Profile

Karen Caroline Hansen

The Hansen family crossed the ocean by way of the ship Westmoreland. They began their journey to Utah with the Christiansen Handcart company, as indicated by Martin Hansen's autobiography, but stopped in Genoa and stayed there.

Evidence from genealogical and newspaper records proves that the Hansen traveled to Utah in 1861. A child was born in November 1860 in Iowa, but the first documentation to place them in Utah is the birth of another child in February 1862, which was prior to the arrival of that season's emigration. The obituary of Caroline also states that the family came to Utah in 1861. Further research is needed to determine the name of the company they traveled with.

Caroline's birth and death dates are confirmed by her death certificate. Her death certificate shows her name as "Caroline Hansen Adams."  The ship manifest lists her given name as "Karen."

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Karen Caroline Hansen (1849 - 1934) Profile
Karen Caroline Hansen (1849 - 1934) Profile