Lettice Simpson Barnes

Alternate Names
Lettice Simpson Hurdsman (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1829 March 28 (Born)
Death Date
On 1906 June 8 (Died)

On the newspaper roster of the 1855 Andrus Company the family surname is spelled "Herdsman."  Lettice and her family crossed the Atlantic on the ship Juventa and the plains to Utah in 1855; but, according to a history written in the late 1990's, they returned to St. Louis the next year. While in St Louis Lettice bore and lost two children. (See The St. Louis Index.)  In 1860 Lettice, her husband John and their son Charles again crossed the plains to Utah where another child was born 18 May 1861.  Additional research is needed to identify the name of the pioneer company with which they made their final plains crossing.

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Lettice Simpson Barnes (1829 - 1906) Profile
Lettice Simpson Barnes (1829 - 1906) Profile