Levi Evans Riter

Birth Date
On 1805 January 1 (Born)
Death Date
On 1877 April 11 (Died)

Alt name: Levi Ritter (High Priests Record p. 111) Alt Baptism: 13 Nov 1853 (FamilySearch) Alt birth place: Upper Uwchlan Twsp, Chester, Pennsylvania. (FS) Alt death: 11 Apr, 1877 (FS)

The Riter family traveled to the Salt Lake Valley in the Jedediah M. Grant/Joseph B. Noble Company in 1847.  The Riter family included Levi Evans, his wife Rebecca Wollerton Dilworth, and their children Samuel Harvey Wollerton, William Wollerton, and Ann Elizabeth.

In 1849, Levi traveled to the Salt Lake Valley with the Thomas Rhoades Company in 1849 as indicated in William Glover’s account. 

At the end of a mission, he traveled home with the John Brown Company in 1853 as indicated in the 17 July 1853 Journal History.

Again, in 1856, he traveled to the Salt Lake Valley with the John C. Naegle Company as indicated in Silas Sanford Smith’s Journal.

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