Lovina Ann Steele

Birth Date
On 1844 September 25 (Born)
Death Date
On 1925 February 17 (Died)

A History of Lovina Steele, written by her husband (Benjamin Franklin Burrus) while Lovina was still living, says that her parents had separated when Lovina was five years old (about 1849) and that her father (Samuel) and his children (Lovina and Albert) arrived in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1851.  Samuel left the children at Council Bluffs in the care of a Brother Hill "expecting them to come to the Valley the next season" while he (Samuel) continued on across the plains.  According to this history the children actually crossed the plains with a Brother Collins in 1852.  This history can be found  in Lovina Ann's record in FamilyTree (KWN2-841).  At the time of the 1856 Utah census Lovina and Albert were in Tooele with their father. Lovina's obituary confirms that she arrived in Utah in 1852.

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Lovina Ann Steele (1844 - 1925) Profile
Lovina Ann Steele (1844 - 1925) Profile