Margaret Waddell (1853 - 1932) Profile

Margaret Waddell

Margaret emigrated from Scotland with her mother and siblings. They crossed the ocean by way of the ship Monarch of the Sea. The Waddell family then continued their westward journey as part of the 1864 Rawlins Company.

Margaret lived in the household of Alexander Fleming in California in 1870. Also in that household, were two children. One child, G. A. Fleming, was recorded as being born in Utah. Margaret was also recorded on the 1900 U.S. Census as living in California in the household of her husband, Alexander Fleming. The 1900 census also records her approximate time of birth as January 1853.

Additional evidence is needed to provide a more accurate birth date and a date of death.

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Margaret Waddell (1853 - 1932) Profile
Margaret Waddell (1853 - 1932) Profile