Margaret Webster (1835 - 1908) Profile

Margaret Webster

Margaret crossed the Atlantic with her parents and siblings on the ship Josiah Bradlee in 1850.  Her father and two of her siblings died before crossing the plains.   According to Margaret's biography, written by her granddaughter, Hattie Esplin who was about sixteen years old when her grandmother died (and they both lived in Orderville, Utah,) Margaret crossed the plains with David Dickson, her employer, who tried to persuade her to become his plural wife.  She refused him and married John Esplin in Utah.  John and Margaret Esplin appear with their son Henry W. Esplin in the 1856 Utah Territorial census in Juab County.

Margaret sailed to America with her parents and siblings in 1850 on the ship Josiah Bradley.  Her father died in Council Bluffs, Iowa in December of 1850, and her mother and several of her siblings came to Utah in 1852 with the Uriah Curtis pioneer company.  According to family traditions, Margaret came to Utah previous to her mother's departure with David Dixon/Dickson's family in 1851 or 1852.  She married in Salt Lake City in November 1853.  Further research is needed to determine the year she came to Utah and the name of the pioneer company she traveled to Utah with.  

Her birth and death dates are confirmed by her death certificate and the inscription on her gravestone.  Her name is recorded as "Margaret Webster Esplin" on her death certificate.

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Margaret Webster (1835 - 1908) Profile
Margaret Webster (1835 - 1908) Profile