Maria Bidgood (1832 - 1924) Profile

Maria Bidgood

Maria emigrated with her husband, William, and children, Albert and Maria. They arrived in New York on the ship City of New York on 3 September 1866. First documentation to place the family in Utah is her and William's rebaptism in the 11th Ward on 3 September 1868. At some point, her husband left the family and returned to England, which is probably why many later records show Maria and her children under her maiden name of Bidgood.

It is clear the family made the overland journey in either 1867 or 1868. Family tradition seems to indicate they traveled with the 1868 John R. Murdock Company but because of the lack of records for that company, further research is needed to verify this. 

Birth and death date listed was found in a personal, online family history record (such as Family Tree, Ancestry, or My Heritage), without any accompanying documentation. Further research is needed to verify its accuracy.

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Maria Bidgood (1832 - 1924) Profile
Maria Bidgood (1832 - 1924) Profile