Mariah Wyatt Cable

Alternate Names
Mariah Wyatt Cahoon (Married Name)
Mariah Wyatt Mayer (Married Name)
Mariah Wyatt Warren (Married Name)
Mariah Wyatt Creer (Married Name)
Mariah Wyatt Dalton (Married Name)
Mariah Wyatt Fowler (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1839 October 7 (Born)
Death Date
On 1904 January 25 (Died)

Church ordinances performed in the 15th Ward records place Mariah in Salt Lake by 6 March 1855. Further research is needed to narrow the year of her travel and identify the name of the company she traveled with. She married George Mayer in 1856 and died in Hyattville, Wyoming.

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Mariah Wyatt Cable (1839 - 1904) Profile
Mariah Wyatt Cable (1839 - 1904) Profile