Mariane Larsen (1841 - 1918) Profile

Mariane Larsen

Evidence from genealogical sources and an autobiographical history proves that the Christiansen family came to Utah in 1868. The mother died September 1868 in Utah; the history written by the daughter, Kirstine, indicates they came in 1868. Came with wife and child.

The family is listed as Nielsen on the ship Emerald Isle in 1868.  They are husband, Lars mother Maren K, siblings: Mariane, Karen Marie, Birthe Katrine, Anne Kirstine, Dorthea and Jeppe. Jeppe died at sea.

She married Christian Hansen Larsen in December 1868.  

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Mariane Larsen (1841 - 1918) Profile
Mariane Larsen (1841 - 1918) Profile